The Darcy Legacy by Joana Starnes – Review and Giveaway

The Darcy Legacy CRV8‘Pemberley’s ancient halls harbour many secrets. Which one will affect Fitzwilliam Darcy and the love of his life? How is Mr Bennet to enjoy the comforts of a well-stocked library, when his wife’s premature demise had left him with the task of finding suitable matches for their daughters? What of a misleading encounter on a muddy lane in Hertfordshire, that renders a country-town assembly rather more tolerable than some might have thought?
Shades of mystery, meddlesome relations – not least a drenched Adonis – raillery, old errors and a very recent union make for a challenging courtship when Fitzwilliam Darcy is not on his own ground. Yet when love is the reward, challenges make it more worth the earning. “A fraught courtship? So, let it be fraught,” Colonel Fitzwilliam said with a nonchalant flourish of his hand. “A good challenge never hurt anyone.”



Joana Starnes’ new book The Darcy Legacy is very different from what we got used to from her. For a change, she hasn’t tortured her characters as much as she used to do in her previous books and she went for pure comedy this time. The book is hilarious. I was reading it at the airport and on a long-haul flight laughing and rolling on the floor like an idiot.
Humour comes from lots of sources in this case: giving comical scenes to serious characters at Meryton Ball; giving lines to other characters; twisting some important scenes; characters acting out of character; eliminating a crucial character but finding a substitute who is equally capable of doing the same job; Mr Bennet never failing to deliver witty, sarcastic remarks; and the author just using funny words and expressions.

I love that Darcy wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes anything to do with Elizabeth. He is just so adorable, clumsy and at the same time himself that you can’t do anything but feel for him. I loved seeing more of Anne de Bourgh; up until 90% of the book I liked Lady Catherine, and I liked that I found some of the characters very annoying which compensated for not having the high-level angst which is Ms Starnes’ trademark.

I have to mention from the narrative aspect the story’s time-telling is not to my liking; and a “Hello” slipped into the text. I think the author in some cases jumps big in time and she is to slow in others.

I can’t emphasise how funny the book is. The dialogues are top-notch. Even when they are talking about serious topics and Lady Anne Darcy blaming George Darcy, you can’t help but laugh. Ms Starnes has her way with words. I get lost in the language, words like rigmarole or aglow.

Besides the tissue, ice-cream, chocolate combo, I measure the author’s book with “OMG, Joana!! – moments”. Well, I had at least 5 “OMG, Joana-moment” (can’t believe in a fun way, not the angsty way) in this book and I think you’ll easily find it when you read it. Exactly what I needed during my holiday is this book. A light and funny read.



  • 10 kindle copies of The Darcy Legacy
  • 20 audiobook codes (for one of her audiobooks)
  • 1 Amazon gift card of 25 dollars

The giveaway runs until midnight, July 16, 2018.


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28 thoughts on “The Darcy Legacy by Joana Starnes – Review and Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the fun review, Mira! I’m SO glad you liked the book! A bit concerned that it made you look crazy on your long-haul flight but it’s probably OK, you won’t see those people again :))

    Can’t wait to hear which ones were your OMG moments! Huge thanks for reading my monster of a book in record time and leaving this awesome review!


  2. Love the review Mira. I am so looking forward to reading this book as I must admit I do love a less angsty funny book. As long as Darcy is obsessed with Elizabeth and she comes to love him then they have their HEA then I’m very happy.
    My daughter and her family set off back to Australia today so as soon as I finish my current book I think I will have to get this one. (After stocking up – my two grandsons and my daughter and son in law have depleted my chocolate and ice creams!)
    I have entered the rafflecopter but as I can’t now accept books from .com I’m not sure if I could win anyway. I have it at the top of my list.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No worries, Glynis, the wins are site-specific, so if Rafflecopter kindly pulls your name out of its hat, your win will come from Amazon UK!

      Safe travels to your family! Have a good shopping spree for chocolate & ice-creams, but don’t worry about tissue boxes, I think you can give those a miss, you’ll be safe with this one. Not too many tears, I think (if any) even if Darcy IS obsessed with Elizabeth (every bit as obsessed as we are with him 😀 ).

      Can’t wait to hear what you thought of the book when you get to read it. Have a wonderful summer and can’t wait to see you at Pemberley again!


  3. Mira,

    I really loved reading your thoughts on this book! As far as the ‘5 OMG Joana moments’ are concerned,let’s say you’ve piqued my curiosity and I can’t wait to find my own!!!
    I can just imagine your fellow passengers’ surprise at seeing your comedic reaction to Joana’s words….here’s hoping you reached your destination in one piece and that no paramedics were needed to offer oxygen,Valium or other such medical elixirs!!!

    Your blog tour is almost at an end.
    I hope you enjoyed it as much as we,your readers,did! I can’t wait to read this story,with its mix of hilarity and more sombre moments.
    Wishing you continued success with your future projects!! 📕😊☘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Mary

      So lovely to see you here too, you’re so kind to stop, read and comment at every stop along the blog tour!!

      I can’t wait to hear what Mira’s OMG moments were too! (I think she’s keeping them under wraps for now for fear of spoilers, but before long that won’t matter, so I might get to find out which ones she had in mind).

      LOL I hope so too, that no one rushed with Valium or oxygen (chocolate was alright, Mira might have been OK with that even if the angst levels were low).

      Thanks again for all your wonderful support along the blog tour, I had SUCH a wonderful time! It was made even more special by your ever so detailed and thoughtful comments, I loved them! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the story when you get to read it, and thanks for your kindness and warm wishes, they mean so much to me. Take care, have a lovely day and see you on the last blog tour stops :))


    1. About time there was less angst, DarcyBennet, I really had to de something about the extra need for chocolate & tissues :)) . I do hope you’ll like this book when you get to read it. Best of luck in the giveaway and thanks so much for following the blog tour!


  4. What a funny review – and I love how it points out the occasions to laugh. I hope to laugh with you soon – and start a new habit of counting “OMG” moments perhaps!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Mίra, you always have the craziest reviews, full of fun and insight. This time, I loved how you zeroed in on the humour and sweetness. I’m looking forward to seeing the excellence of Joana Starnes translated into something other than angst! Hahaha!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was so much fun writing something other than angst, Suzan! I’ll probably fall back into bad habits again, but it was a hoot to go down a different route for once 🙂
      Thanks for all your lovely comments, it was such fun to read them. Best wishes and thanks for following the blog tour!


      1. LOL I HAD to preserve Mr Bennet’s health and happiness for once, I owed him that, after too many of my books where he met with an untimely end. But as for others, the tally was still good, so I felt they were fair game 😉


  6. Great to hear that there are many funny and light-hearted moments in this variation. I’m sure that I will be reading it when I’m in need of some low angst stories on Darcy and Elizabeth, Joana. And thank you to Mira for sharing your thoughts on the book and giving us an idea of how the story unfold.

    Liked by 1 person

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