Reputation and Honor…- Darcy’s Honor by Victoria Kincaid – Review

34804836Ms Kincaid’s last book, Darcy’s Honor doesn’t disappoint. By now, we know we can expect angst (Darcy-Elizabeth-Lord Henry), humour (Darcy thinking about how to talk about the scandal, Mr Collins’ appearances), fantastic character descriptions (Darcy, Lady Catherine, Lord Pippinworth, Lord Henry), tasteful – not “Hollywoodish” and unnecessary- twists and turns, interesting inner thoughts (Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s especially), heartbreaking scenes (London- and church scene especially) and more.

There are too many things I love in Darcy’s Honor.
First of all, it has a life lesson:

“Honor is what you know about yourself. Reputation is what others know about you, or believe they know.” 

Nowadays not many book touches philosophical or ethical issues.

Secondly, I love how Ms Kincaid is able to provide a wonderful description of a horrible man, namely Lord Henry. You can only hate him with passion. Make sure you have some chocolate at hand. You’ll need it. He is not their only character who has been depicted masterfully, but also Lady Catherine who’s my favourite in this book along with Lord Pippinworth. Have some ice cream when you read this part. 😉 Lady Catherine does not only have crucial part in the solution but I also love the fact -and adore Ms Kincaid’s writing skills- that she was true to her character although the author altered her for good.
Lord Pippinworth is a different matter. He is very close to my heart, for a good reason! I still can’t believe that Ms Kincaid -I’m arrogant enough to think- kept him for me (I asked her in my reviews). First, Elizabeth mentioned him in Darcy vs. Bennet, then Darcy was wondering in Chaos Comes to Longbourn Who the devil Lord Pippinworth was”, and he was a guest at a dinner in A Very Darcy Christmas. And now, he has a story which is not a rushed, slap-dash work, but an actual, satisfying eyes to the detail tale.

Darcy is another gem! Love him! and the fact that I am still surprised that when I think he can’t screw up, he does, is fascinating. 🙂
Elizabeth and Darcy’s meeting in London is heartbreaking! Big time! You’ll need lots of tissues. Just thinking about the scene, because I’m writing this review makes me cry. I can only talk in superlatives!!

After The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth, this is my second favourite book from the author. Darcy’s Honor is an engaging story with our favourite couple having heartbreaking, soul-shaking scenes sprinkled with humour at the right time and places. Real page-turner, must read!

Darcy’s Honor – Victoria Kincaid – Amazon US kindle

Darcy’s Honor – Victoria Kincaid – Amazon US paperback

Darcy’s Honor – Victoria Kincaid – Amazon UK kindle

Darcy’s Honor – Victoria Kincaid – Amazon UK paperback


5 thoughts on “Reputation and Honor…- Darcy’s Honor by Victoria Kincaid – Review

  1. I was lucky enough to win this fabulous book in a blog tour.

    I read it and needless to say,loved it and gave it 5* on GR!

    Highly recommended!!

    Loved your review!!!


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