Green Card by Elizabeth Adams – Review


Elizabeth Adams, author of The Houseguest, Unwilling, Meryton Vignettes and On Equal Ground has re-released her Pride and Prejudice inspired book, the Green Card with new scenes and recipes in the end.

William Harper has it all: looks, money, power. There’s just one tiny problem—he’s about to be deported. He needs a green card. Fast. An American wife is the easiest way to get one. But where will he find a woman to marry him on such short notice?

 Elizabeth Barrett is a full-time student, part-time dog walker, and weekend tutor. With a roommate who just ran out on her and neck deep in tuition payments, she needs money. Now. Harper just might make her an offer she can’t refuse.

He thinks he’s worked out the perfect deal, she thinks she’s signed up for an easy job. Neither of them bargained for the ride of their lives.

The beginning of William’s and Elizabeth’s relationship, to put it mildly, is very unromantic. As business-like as it is to start with, it becomes a very sweet and romantic story.

I love when a book starts in medias res, and not only that but with a dialogue. I haven’t read a book which started with an in medias res dialogue and wasn’t good. Shame, not many authors use it.
The dialogues in Green Card are fast-paced and it sucks you in immediately. You simply can’t put the book down and when you have to, you can’t wait to get back to it. It’s the sort of book which you want to read in every spare minute you have.

Especially, at the beginning of the book, I loved that Lizzy was very American (more precisely southern) and Will was very British, both in the best sense of the word. Elizabeth is a remarkable person, I suppose deep down we are all eager to be like her or want a friend like her. Wherever she goes she is like a tornado, she is all over the place.  As Will describes her to Jamison, she talks too much an always sings, but I think it’s a compliment. She is just the type of person William needs to loosen up and they really complement each other.

William is the prototype of the perfect book boyfriend: caring, kind, attentive, supportive, although with more money than I would wish for. I like the way his character is written: not as stuck-up as you would expect or you got used to and the way the author writes him is conscious and full of love.

The story felt very real as there is no unnecessary drama and plot twist caused by a third person. I prefer when there is one big problem (in this case it was getting the green card) and you concentrate on that. When the author knows her job and has the talent to write and develop characters, she doesn’t need drama outside the two main characters’ problems. Elizabeth Adams did a brilliant job writing fantastic characters, and not including needless, forced or trivial plot. She has managed to avoid the cliché events and actions which might work a regency story, but not a modern one.

Have you cried over a book so badly that you literally couldn’t read because you didn’t see the screen from the tears? Well, with this book it happened to me. The chapter towards the end, where Will and Elizabeth are talking to the lawyers about the divorce, then with each other is perfection. So emotional, touching and heart-warming that you couldn’t help but let yourself carried away.

Green Card – Elizabeth Adams – Amazon US

Green Card – Elizabeth Adams – Amazon UK

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The author gives away her published books (5) in e-book format for one lucky winner. To enter, comment on the blog until the 6th of November 23:00 GMT.


Author Bio:

Elizabeth Adams author picElizabeth Adams is a book-loving, tango-dancing, Austen enthusiast. She loves old houses and thinks birthdays should be celebrated with trips—as should most occasions. She can often be found by a sunny window with a cup of hot tea and a book in her hand.

She writes romantic comedy and comedic tragedy in both historic and modern settings.

You can find more information, short stories, and outtakes at


11 thoughts on “Green Card by Elizabeth Adams – Review

  1. I must say that I loved your review
    and I agree with many of the points you raised!

    Yes,when an author knows how to write,their work is a joy to read.
    No unnecessary plot twists,no convulated storylines and no extraneous elements that take from our enjoyment of an addictive, perfectly paced tale!

    Am looking forward to reading this one and I can’t wait to read that scene that blurred your vision and caused you to use copious amounts of tissues! 😉

    Cheers for sharing your thoughts on this wonderd story!!


  2. Such a lovely review! I agree ‘re the emotion in this book. I have the original which I have read several times but as I believe this has an extra scene and has been ‘re edited I have it on my wishlist as I would love to have both the copies. Thanks for sharing your views.


  3. Great review. I love that you mention that it was a book that you didn’t want to put down. These are the kind of stories I look for as these are the books that stay with you. The ones where you stay up all night finishing them because you just have to know how it ends. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win a copy.


  4. This sounds like the kind of book that I like. No, don’t tell me Will and Elizabeth went their separate ways because I prefer HEA ending. Anyway, thanks for the generous giveaway, Ms Adams.


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