When We are Married by Caitlin Williams – Review

35699377If JAFF taught me something is you shouldn’t be prejudiced by the premise.  Caitlin Williams’ new book When We are Married, in a nutshell: Elizabeth and Jane are both into Darcy. It’s a story about how corrections will lead to the utmost turmoil. Elizabeth wants Darcy to be kind and nice, and when he is, it will lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Rather big and painful ones.

I have to say, this book has the best first chapter, I have read so far. I wanted to hug the author for writing it.

The story is full of emotions and wit with lots of humorous scenes. To start with, I love how they say sorry to each other. That scene in Charlotte’s parlour is full of emotions, suppressions, hidden looks. A little sentence is enough to carry so much more than just a simple ‘sorry’.  At the same time, Elizabeth is flirting like Lydia which is quite a fun scene.

When Elizabeth realises that she has misjudged Darcy and Wickham, she starts to brainstorm and reflect on who else she has misjudged. I love how she sees good in Mr Collins. Up until now, I haven’t thought about it, but the author has some valid points. Just like Collins, Bingley is also a surprise and not sure a good one, but I have to say I liked the outcome of the Jane-Bingley story. Like Collins, Jane has more depth in her, and although I was afraid that I won’t like her because of the premise; she was nothing more than any women would be in her situation. She needed attention from a man and wanted to be noticed, when all her hopes were gone and was in a vulnerable position.

Don’t forget that we know everything either because we know it from Jane Austen or Caitlin Williams. Jane Bennet doesn’t know what we do, (neither Elizabeth). She reads the signs as every woman would. By the way, she is annoyingly clumsy, especially at one scene which she ruined for me (and Elizabeth) but we get an explanation.

I have always enjoyed when other authors, artists, etc. are mentioned, here for e.g.: Mary Wollstonecraft (her name was terribly misspelled), and  J.M.W. Turner.

My favourite scene is at Mr Carmichael soiree. A touch can speak thousand words. Especially when it’s well written.

Seeing Elizabeth jealous is funny and a nice touch. What she found unpleasant and rude in Mr Darcy, after his change, became unbearable. On the other hand, seeing Jane jealous is more heart-breaking. She is jealous for a reason:  she is beautiful and kind, but no one wants her. Understandable.

I forgave Jane as she is heartbroken, but when -put it mildly- she is not very nice to Elizabeth, Maria Lucas puts her in place which is one of the most satisfying scenes in the book. It is great to see more of Maria and in all her glory as a funny girl. Ms Williams perfectly blends agony and humour on the same page.

Watching Darcy going through thick and thin to be with Elizabeth is the highlight of the story. Also, again, funny when you imagine those scenes. Luckily, the author has saved a wonderful, grand scene for Lizzy and Jane.

I loved everything about this book. Don’t miss it! You’ll love it!

When We are Married – Caitlin Williams – Amazon UK

When We are Married – Caitlin Williams – Amazon US




6 thoughts on “When We are Married by Caitlin Williams – Review

  1. This book sounds wonderful and is receiving rave reviews!!
    The angstometer is set pretty high in this story,sister pitted against each other to win the love of a good man! Sounds delightful!! So glad you loved it!


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