Particular Attachments by L. L. Diamond – Review


“She swore would never marry!

Georgiana Darcy is a lady with a secret! The last thing she wants is to return to London, but what else can she do when her brother and his wife make plans to spend the Christmas season in town. When Lizzy’s youngest sister, Lydia, joins them, Georgiana gains a confidante, but will Lydia’s outgoing nature cause problems when Lord Sele, son of a family friend reappears in Georgiana’s life?

As an insufferable boy, Lord Sele vowed he would marry Georgiana, but was his return from Ireland a coincidence or was his sole purpose to pursue her? He admits to desiring friendship, but Lydia is determined his desire is Georgiana and she will stop at nothing to see her best friend happily settled.

What is Georgiana to do when faced with the society she has managed to avoid for her entire adult life as well as the one man determined to change her mind about marriage? Will she be able to overcome her fears despite the spectre from the past that seems to be haunting her? Will she be forced to tell her secret and choose happiness or will someone from her past ruin everything?”

L. L. Diamond’s new book Particular Attachments (A sequel to Particular Intentions) doesn’t disappoint. I loved An Unwavering Trust and The Earl’s Conquest and just like those books, this is also a real page-turner. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy, that the author isn’t afraid of importing new Christian and family names. Matilda, Amelia, Nathaniel, Josiah etc. And not only does she pick new names but also makes sure that the character is true to the meaning of its name.

It starts with Georgiana’s childhood memory which gives the tone of the whole book. Although it’s a sequel, you don’t need to worry if you haven’t read Particular Intentions as the author makes sure you are updated with the required plot when it comes to understanding the story.

Lydia and Georgiana’s friendship is beautifully developed and I love that Ms Diamond pays attention to details and it changes from time to time just like real friendships.
The author also has eyes on details when it comes to mentioning things which later makes the events believable. Georgiana’s diary entries complement the story and narration. I love letters and diary entries and this book does not lack the latter, but it also finds the balance. I have to say it’s a well-structured book. Halfway I was wondering if the author herself edits it or she has an editor. The acknowledgments say she has an editor, a lady called Brynn. Well, great job! (Except one ‘Hello’ which doesn’t fit to story, era, style of the whole book, but I suppose it happens from time to time.)
At one point the book turns into a regency swearing dictionary-light which is rather funny and entertaining.
The book holds some surprises especially about Lydia and Mr Bennet. Mr Bennet also gets a grand WOW ending.

Ms Diamond did a fantastic job with Particular Attachments and if you think ‘I can’t be bothered to read it, it’s not about Elizabeth and Darcy’ you are making a big mistake. Huge. L. L. Diamond is and was in my top 3 JAFF writers and she has proved again that she deserves to be there.

Particular Attachments – L. L. Diamond – Amazon UK

Particular Attachments – L. L. Diamond – Amazon US



9 thoughts on “Particular Attachments by L. L. Diamond – Review

  1. Thank you, Mira, for taking the time to read and review my book! To answer your question on the editing, I do a lot of self-editing, but I have two betas, Suzan Lauder and Lisa, who read through, make suggestions and corrections on my books and then Brynn gets to rip it apart if she feels the need, though she didn’t have much on this one. A lovely lady named Kathy gave a final proofread before publication and did an amazing job as well. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!!

    I am really flattered that you enjoy my work so much, Mira!! Thanks so much!!


  2. Lovely review! I am one of those readers who really only enjoy books with Darcy and Elizabeth as the main focus of the story but I must admit that if the author is as good as Leslie I can be tempted. And now I must admit that Nathaniel was almost a rival to Darcy in the swoonworthy stakes! In fact I loved this book and highly recommend it. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway.

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  3. You can blame me for the “Hello” since I usually discover the non-Regency words as I beta. Ouch. I love this book and think everyone should read it and adore Nathaniel as much as we adore Darcy.


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