A Very Darcy Christmas by Victoria Kincaid – review

51axkbwedlA Very Darcy Christmas by Victoria Kincaid is an example that an after marriage scenario can be as entertaining as ’normal’ before marriage varitations. Usually I don’t read stories which are set after Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s marriage, because I’m interested in the bumpy road they take to find each other. The journey is fascinating for me, not the marriage, because I would expect that after all what they have gone through, they can easily solve any problems they have.

This story will instantly put you into Christmas mood. Beautiful description of the Christmas preparations, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Twelve Nights.  I loved every detail about it. The characters are amazing! Mrs Bennet with her obsession that the French will come to Longbourn/Pemberley  then track her down wherever she goes is hilarious. There is nothing else she can talk about and apparently there is a mystery French man, indeed, in Lambton who has a mysterious business with none other than Colonel Fitzwilliam.
Generally, I am not fond of the idea of Georgiana ending up in a relationship similar to what we have seen in Jane Austen’s Emma, especially that it is a little more complicated here because of family connections, but Ms Kincaid tried to make sure as much as possible that there was a reason they ended up together. Considering the choices and the circumstances Georgiana had, it was definitely the best choice or solution, and as Lady Catherine approved it, why shall I complain… I have also very much enjoyed that a minor character like Giles, who is Mr Darcy’s butler has a little background story. There are also Mr Worthy and Lord Robert, Viscount Barrington. Mr Worthy is a bit like Mr Collins, but I think slightly more likeable and tolerable. His name is spot on, by the way.  Lord Robert is quite agreeable despite Ms Kincaid’s machinations towards the end. If you have read Darcy vs. Bennet and Chaos comes to Longbourn you might remember Lord Pippinworth, especially that I wrote about him in both of my reviews where I asked the author to keep him. The most amazing thing happened as Ms Kincaid didn’t forget Lord Pippinworth and brought him back (again). From an „extra” he became a returning character. Hope to know more and more about him.

My favourite parts were the discussions over dinner. I felt like I was sitting with them. Mrs Bennet, Lydia and Mr Worthy made sure we are entertained. Probably, because I was entertained throughout the whole book, I didn’t miss the angst I’m normally looking for in any variations involving Darcy and Elizabeth.

It is a delighful Christmas story that I am going to read again at Christmas somewhere between watching Love Actually and The Holiday Engagement.

A Very Darcy Christmas – Victoria Kincaid – amazon UK
A Very Darcy Christmas – Victoria Kincaid – amazon US


5 thoughts on “A Very Darcy Christmas by Victoria Kincaid – review

  1. Lovely review, Mira. I really enjoyed this story too, with it’s mixture of comedy, drama and romance. Oh, Mrs. Bennet’s obsession with a French invasion was definitely hilarious at times. Then throw in Lady C., Lydia and two (or could it be three – not saying!) suitors for Georgiana and a proposed quiet Christmas for E&D becomes anything but.


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