A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder – Review

AMHG Final Front Cover 091917H wobldBlurb not included (you’re welcome) for you to find out and shock you who the most handsome gentleman is.

Suzan Lauder’s (author of Letter from Ramsgate and Alias Thomas Bennet) new novella, a Pride and Prejudice comedy, called A Most Handsome Gentleman is a comedy indeed.  Fantastic dialogues and surreal conversations, which made me laugh out loud numerous times. It’s written in first person singular from Elizabeth’s point of view and I always have doubts about using it, but when it’s done properly it can add a lot to understand the events better. Even though Elizabeth tells the story, I feel like the main protagonist is not her but the man in the title, which is interesting.
If you don’t read the blurb, like I didn’t: you will be shocked to find out who the most handsome gentleman is in the beginning (from Elizabeth’s point of view it will change by the end of the story). Not your first, second or third thought. 😀 The author managed to give a description of the most handsome gentleman in a way that the reader falls for his look immediately.  I think that’s where first person singular comes in and adds more to the story: when the words come out of a ‘character’s mouth’ and not just a narrative description.
If Mr Collins can be more ridiculous than the original, Ms Lauder has succeeded to paint him to be more hideous in a grotesque way. Bingley and Collins have an entertaining, conversation (actually 2) and I’m not sure I have words for it. It’s childish at all level, but at the same time credible; it’s amusing but you also think ‘what on earth are they doing’. After all, a comedy is based on opposites.
To be completely honest, I have never made peace with Jane Austen for what she did with Charlotte. Ms Lauder has managed to alter the events just a tiny bit without changing the original outcome, that it made all the difference to me. I prefer Charlotte’s situation here more.
I liked lots of things in this book but best, Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s proposal. I think it was a brilliant idea from the author to put the first and the second proposal together. It is passionate, funny, clever and the conversation is true to the characters.
Because of one tiny little change, which has an effect on everybody, it holds a different outcome for Lady Catherine too and I liked her.

All in all, Ms Lauder made a little change, but in essentials, she hasn’t changed anyone in the sense that all the original characters are very much like in Pride and Prejudice. I think we need more comedies in JAFF.

5ic A Most Handsome Gentleman – Suzan Lauder – Amazon UK Kindle
A Most Handsome Gentleman – Suzan Lauder – Amazon UK paperback
A Most Handsome Gentleman – Suzan Lauder – Amazon US Kindle
A Most Handsome Gentleman – Suzan Lauder – Amazon US paperback


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Author Bio:
A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, cycling, yoga, blogging, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder is seldom idle.
Her first effort at a comedy, A Most Handsome Gentleman is the fourth time Lauder has been published by Meryton Press. Her earlier works include a mature Regency romance with a mystery twist, Alias Thomas Bennet, a modern short romance Delivery Boy in the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter, and the dramatic tension filled Regency romance Letter from Ramsgate.
She and Mr. Suze split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a
150-year-old Spanish colonial home near the sea in Mexico.
Suzan’s lively prose is also available to her readers on her blog, road trips with the redhead www.suzan.lauder.merytonpress.com, on her Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/SuzanLauder, and on Twitter @suzanlauder.
Contact Info:
Goodreads Author Page  
Amazon Author Page   

15 thoughts on “A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder – Review

  1. Oh I am so looking forward to this book. I was a little uncertain when I realised who the handsome gentleman was but have now been reassured. I believe Mr Collins is as imbecilic (is that a word?) as usual. I loved Suzan’s other books and as this is a laugh out loud book I know I will also love this. Thank you so much for this post.


    1. Mira did a great job of describing those scenes without handing out a spoiler. I’m sure you’ll have a laugh and love it all the same.


  2. Dearest Mira, I must express my deep thanks for such a thoughtful and honest review. It was the places you expressed thoughts similar to “I wouldn’t have thought this worked, but it did in this case,” or, “Austen didn’t justify this as well as this author” that made me the happiest. Authors try to be unique and experiment. It’s a risk we take, and it’s so great to be rewarded for success. I know you know your Austen so well and for a positive comparison, it’s icing on the cake of the delight in sharing this story with readers. Best wishes on all your endeavours.


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