Top 10 regency variations


After yesterday’s top 10 modern variations, today it is top 10 regency. Not everything was published this year, but it was new for me.

1. Mr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by Joana Starnes
2. Darcy vs. Bennet by Victoria Kincaid
3. The Trouble to Check Her by Maria Grace
4. Dearest Friends by Pamela Lynne
5. The Houseguest by Elizabeth Adams
6. Particular Intentions by L. L. Diamond
7. Master Elizabeth Bennet by Melanie Schertz
8. A Lesson Hard Learned by Wendi Sotis
9. Love Letters From Mr. Darcy by J. Dawn King
10. The Gypsy Blessing by Wendi Sotis

The Gypsy Blessing is the regency part of yesterday mentioned Foundation of Love.
A Lesson Hard Learned takes Darcy to America after the proposal. As much as I didn’t like him to be so far from Elizabeth, those chapters were very enjoyable too.
In Dearest Friends Elizabeth bumps into Darcy in London and they become friends. Of course it’s not as easy as it sounds. One of my favourite part was Mr Gardiner acting a bit like the Godfather.
Love Letters From Mr. Darcy – Letters and Mr Darcy, what else you need?
In Master Elizabeth Bennet, Lizzy is dressed as a boy. I have to say it is quite an original thought, but believable…


21 thoughts on “Top 10 regency variations

  1. I do believe I have read all of those. Good choices. I can’t seem to pick three top ones…maybe 20 top ones out of the 250 I have read this year.


    1. I confess to having twenty-six (yes 26) of your stories. I should say ‘read’ 26 of your stories. Ten of those were ‘borrowed’ and no longer in my library. I have to say that some were ‘stinkers’ and I almost wrote you off early on. But lately anytime I have craved something unusual and different in my P&P readings – I always turn to your unique and interesting story lines. I confess to having read 12 of your latest in just December. In my opinion – Master Elizabeth Bennet was one of your best efforts. Keep turning them out. I’ll keep reading them.


  2. I’ve read most of these mentioned and enjoyed each very much! I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite!
    Congrats to all authors! well deserved !!! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘


  3. I’ve also read hundreds of Jaff, these stuck with me because of the plot or the characters. And eventhough I read some of them in the beginning of the year, I still remember. It’s rather hard when there are so many variations out there, so each of them deserve to be included. Probably I could shuffle the order differently depending on my mood.

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      1. Your Letter from Ramsgate and Alias Thomas Bennet should both be considered for any top ten or twenty list. Alias Thomas Bennet has been near the top of my fave fifty list since 2013. I have all those ten listed in my library.

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  4. I’ve read a few of these and a few others are on my Kindle waiting patiently to be read. I’ll check out the others. Thanks for the recommendations!


  5. It’s great getting to end of the year and seeing these lists come out. I am reading Particular Intentions at the moment and loving it. And adored Joana Starnes’ book, too. Some very fine writing this year. Roll on 2017


    1. I feel like an interloper for making so many comments but I have to tell you Caitlin Williams that your Ardently and Coming of Age of Elizabeth Bennet are also in my fave fifty. You do excellent work.


  6. I’ve read six of these, Mira, and even had the privilege of being a beta on three of them. Still can’t believe I get to do that!

    I think Joana’s is my favourite but the other five that I’ve read are wonderful too. Guess I’ll have to check out the other four. I’ve got A Lesson Hard Learned on my Kindle and The Houseguest on audio, so that’ll make eight out of ten.


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