Trip to Pemberley with a GIVEAWAY

Hello Dear Reader,
Apologies for not posting for so long. Shame on me, but I’ve been busy at work, uni. and holidays.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time this week, started on Sunday, when I went to my favourite place in the whole world: Lyme Park Pemberley. 😉 I have met Lory Lilian for the first time and her lovely friends Ellen Pickels (her editor) and Andreea Catana (soon to be published Jaff author) joined by my lovely friend Rita Deodato From Pemberley to Milton. Can you imagine better company than 5 devoted fan?
All the Ladies are supernice and such a fun to be with!

Yeah, well, more devoted fans… 🙂 We also bumped into a few of my friends who were dressed in regency. I trully regreted not to dress up. It would have been lovely to stroll in Pemberly gardens in my regency attire.

I’ve also met Amanda Grange who signed my Mr. Darcy’s Diary copy and another one! – see the giveaway at the end of the post.


I’ve been to Lyme Park many times and this was the first time that the balcony was open to the public! The view is stunning!


And we couldn’t miss to THE POND 🙂




You can win a SIGNED (by Amanda Grange, not me :D) COPY of Mr. Darcy’s Diary along with a Lyme Park bookmark and magnet and a Mr. Darcy postcard.




27 thoughts on “Trip to Pemberley with a GIVEAWAY

  1. Your photos are amazing!! What an awesome time meeting so many other Jane Austen fans. (Don’t pick me because I have a print copy on the shelves–I just wanted to join in the conversation!)

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  2. You have had quite a number of fantastic experiences meeting people I hold in admiration and visiting places of interest that I long to see. That you generously think of those who follow your blog is incredible. Best of wishes for more wonderful events in your future.


  3. So good to bump into you. I was obviously there (in my bonnet) getting my books signed so don’t want to be part of the giveaway but wanted to say hello…and what an excellent giveaway! I love all of Amanda Grange’s Diary series. xxx


  4. I would have loved to have been there with you all, Mira, and Lory and I had communicated about the possibility but the timing was all wrong for me and I was really sad about it. One day earlier and I’d have been there like a shot! Still, your lovely photos have meant that we can all live vicariously along with you.

    Amanda Grange’s book is one I only have on audio so far, not even an ebook version, but it IS one of the earliest JAFF works I came across so it holds a special place in my meart for that reason. Thanks so much for thinking of us all in this way.


  5. You’ve been to Pemberley! Oh,my!!
    I can just imagine the great time you had in this beautiful place,with images of Elizabeth and Darcy flittering through your mind!

    You’ve seen the lake…….alas without Mr Darcy and his wet shirt!
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us. They’re lovely and will serve as a reminder of the lovely time you had,with friends,in such a special place! 😌

    I haven’t read any of Amabda Grange’s work,but would love an opportunity to do so! 😉


  6. Oh what a delightful post and adventure! Living the Pemberly dream thru you ! I would adore the chance to win a copy ♡♡♡ thank you ☕☕☕


  7. How wonderful to have seen Lyme Park (aka Pemberley) in person! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for the giveaway as well!


  8. Nice photos, lovely blog! I will always remember the day when I went to visit Lyme Park – what an amazing place! Thank you for bringing the memories back!


  9. Hi! I love Jane Austen and Mr Darcy is my favourite! I’d like to ein Mr Darcy’s Diary of course!
    When I was in England last year I coudn’t visit Pemberley but I’ll go next January! It’s a perfect place!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this!


  10. Love the photos of “Pemberley”…the pond…remembering the movie scene as I am sure all did also. So many are meeting in Jane Austen territory this year: how lovely. Thank for sharing with us.


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