Guest post – THE Chocolate Rating (and ways to cope with it) by Joana Starnes – with a recipe and a GIVEAWAY

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome Joana Starnes with a guest post to celebrate the release of her new audiobook, Miss Darcy’s Companion, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman.

MDC Audio cover_m


Good morning, dear followers of Obsessed with Mr Darcy. Today I’m here as a guest of Mira Magdo’s, the inspired creator of the one and only Chocolate Rating!

You must have heard of it – maybe you’re using it yourselves in some form, when you sit down with the latest delightful work of JAFF that has tickled your fancy. You’ve probably read a number of reviews, gained some idea of what you should expect, bought the book, found some quiet time at last, and prepared yourself for the roller-coaster ride by making sure you have everything you need for 100% enjoyment. Maybe you made yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, or ensured you have tissues at hand if the reviews carried a tissue warning, or poured yourself a glass of wine if that’s your tipple, or put a box of chocolates within easy reach. (Dangerous move, that, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s necessary – nay, mandatory – and you can see why in Mira’s review, posted when Miss Darcy’s Companion first came out, in Kindle format).

Miss Darcy's Companion front cover_V4_m

Now, my guess is that the review was written when, just like Mr Darcy, Mira believed herself to be perfectly calm and cool, because the full impact of her first reaction came in a conversation along the lines of ‘Noooo! How could you? How could you make Darcy think that of Elizabeth?’

Sure enough, Mira was absolutely right, and I was so sorry to hear she needed to stop reading and dash out for chocolate, but what can I say, when the old meme says it so much better?

plot twist baby

Anyway, long story short, this is how the chocolate rating came to be, so whenever Mira uses it in her reviews, make sure you’re well-stocked and ready for just about anything 😉

The easy-peasy option, let’s face it, is the dash to the shops. I personally have a soft spot for Thorntons. (I wonder why…)


But if you have the time – and above all, the patience – this might be the perfect time of year for a spot of baking.

How about chocolate mice? The internet’s your oyster. I found these Christmas Eve Mice Cookies, and sure enough, they look ever so festive. Of course, there is always the great risk of them meeting with an untimely end right then and there, as you’re dipping the cherries in chocolate, especially if you’re listening to Miss Darcy’s Companion in Audible as you go. Stevie Zimmerman will melt your heart to approximately the same consistency of the melted chocolate with her amazing voice and narration style, and her portrayal of Mr Darcy struggling to choose between his head and his heart is exquisite.

If you haven’t heard it already, you can listen to the sample here.

For a chance to win one of the 10 Audible download codes and listen to the whole e-book for free, or curl up with the paperback version, or win a bag of goodies from Pemberley, Chawton and Bath, please follow the link to enter the international GIVEAWAY, and good luck!



For more chances to win, please follow the blog tour to see your entries add up:

24 Nov 2017 – News Page at
27 Nov 2017 – Austenesque Reviews
29 Nov 2017 – Just Jane 1813
30 Nov 2017 – From Pemberley to Milton
2 Dec 2017 – Obsessed with Mr Darcy

Many thanks again for the chocolate rating and everything else, Mira, and have a fun December and a great New Year!

* * * *

You can connect with Joana Starnes on:

Or visit ‘All Roads Lead to Pemberley’ on Facebook, for places, events and titbits that have inspired her novels.

Books by Joana Starnes at

Books by Joana Starnes at

30 thoughts on “Guest post – THE Chocolate Rating (and ways to cope with it) by Joana Starnes – with a recipe and a GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh myyy! I’ll never look at a box of Thorntons chocolates in the same way again, Joana! I’m so looking forward to listening to this one, having read it, loved it……..and eaten the chocolate last year.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cute post!! Yay to anyone who gets a code. They’ll definitely enjoy and need their chocolate for sure. For those stateside, they’re selling chocolate by the yard at Walmart and you just might need that much!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great post. I like the idea of a treat to help with the angst and personally I will go with John as he is my favourite of the Thorntons 😍😍
    There are some fabulous goodies there, thank you so much for spoiling your fans like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank *you*, Glynis, for the wonderful words about my books and all the support! So glad you liked the post and that we’re on the same wavelength about the Thorntons 😉 . Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  4. First off,this was one of the best posts that I’ve had the pleasure of reading -witty,charming and so cosy that it felt like we were sitting and chatting together about the necessity of having huge quantities of chocolate at our disposal,when reading JAFF!

    Secondly,I’ve no idea why Thorntons’ chocolates should be a particular favourite of yours Joana!
    Unless they’re produced in Milton and have been taste tested by a certain dignified and swoon worthy gent……. ?😉

    But I digress!!! Returning to the main point of the conversation, angst! Love the photos of the kids, they relate so well to the sheer hell that you put us through with your twists and turns that have us uttering ‘this is just not happening!’ (along with other less polite phrases) when it gradually dawns on us that the path ahead of ODC is not strewn with rose petals as previously thought,but thorns from said petals!!!
    Is it any wonder we drink copious amounts of wine/tea/coffee along with the tonnes of chocolate we treat ourselves to?
    Something has to see us through!!

    Cheers to both of you for such a cherry post! ☺️🍷🍰☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Mary, this was absolutely delicious! Thanks ever so much, I loved it! So glad you liked the post, and I do hope one day we *will* sit somewhere cosy together and chat about JAFF.

      Not sure if the dignified gent from Milton tested the chocks himself, but I simply can’t see the boxes in the shop without imagining there must be a connection. Maybe Mr & Mrs Thornton’s kids or grandkids didn’t fancy a career in the cotton industry and branched out into chocolate instead 😀

      Dear oh dear, sorry about putting you through the wringer with the twists, turns and thorns!! Hope the wine, tea, coffee and chocolate helped 😉


  5. Love the photo of Richard/John Thornton. Having read this book and loving it I can understand the need for both tissues and chocolates…make mine Dove Dark Chocolates. Thanks for sharing. I love all of Joana’s books and have listened to only one completely on Audible. I need a long space of time to finish listening to the other one I began and never completed.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve not heard of the chocolate rating before. I love chocolate but I try to refrain myself from eating it as I don’t wanna expand my waistline. Is there a chocolate brand called Thorntons? I don’t see it selling at a supermarket or shops.

    Liked by 1 person

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