Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes and Gentleman Rogues (Anthology) – REVIEW AND GIVEAWAYS


To be honest, after The Darcy Monologues, I expected and hoped for an anthology from Elizabeth’s point of view. But instead, Christina Boyd, the editor of TDM came up with the idea of having a book about the less liked characters. In Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes and Gentleman Rogues, Ms Boyd gathered 11 authors to write about 10 bad boys. The book is based on Rousseau’s idea that nobody is naturally evil. The authors did a great job showing us how different circumstances turned the scoundrels into what we had known about them from Jane Austen’s novels. If the aim was to make us fall in love with them, then they were successful. In some cases they managed to “justify” their actions; and I haven’t liked them in the past, after these interpretations I understand them more and not only tolerate them but actually feel for them: for e.g. Willoughby, Wickham, Frank Churchill.

Joana Starnes has managed to write a story where Willoughby is the main character and you can’t help but feel for him. In his story, he is not the worst person, but a woman: Isobel. Cruel woman…poor Willoughby… Ms Starnes rightly lined up more villains in association with Willoughby (Willoughby’s Crossroads), like Lady Susan or Captain Tilney. After all who would be in contact with a rogue if not another rascal.

I have always hated Wickham with passion. Katie Oliver (A Wicked Game) has managed to change it. I feel for Wickham too. I haven’t really thought about that Wickham was brought up as a gentleman, but after all, he was only a son of a servant. Thus, he was in between two worlds, not truly belonging to any of it. Ms Oliver shows this duality very well.

Karen M Cox’s story, An Honest Man, is a typical instance which should have been a full-length novel, an Emma variation from Frank Churchill’s point of view. Great story, and even though it is from a minor character’s point of view, it is very interesting and fascinating.

Other authors chose to write a story where I can’t help but continue to hate the “person”, like Brooke West’s Henry Crawford (Last Letter from Mansfield) and J Marie Croft’s John Thorpe (The Art of Sinking). Great job with those too, as it takes an effort to create a story where you end up loathing the characters more than ever.

I have never considered Sir Walter Elliot, General Tilney, and Colonel Fitzwilliam as a rouge or rake, but I was very glad to read about them as the authors did justice to the characters.

Besides Ms Cox’s writing, another story which should be a full-length novel and would make a delightful Northanger Abbey prequel is Sophia Rose’sAs Much as He Can about General Tilney. What a beautiful love story!

As I mentioned, I haven’t considered Sir Walter Elliot as a rouge. Ridiculous, vain, snob- yes, but not a rake, however, Christina Morland came up with a lovely story (One Fair Claim).

I tried to pick a favourite story, but I couldn’t as there are at least 5 which could qualify for the 1st prize.
On the other hand, I can pick a favourite character – OK, not completely true, as I will pick two 🙂 – who is Miss Campbel (from Beau North‘s story about Colonel Fitzwilliam, Fitzwilliam’s Folly) and Miss Drummond (from Sophia Rose‘s story about General Tilney, As Much as He Can). I can also pick a character who is entitled to get the most annoying /hated character prize [compliment:)]: John Thorpe (J Marie Croft, The Art of Sinking).

Most of the stories are written in first person singular; however, there are a few which mixes first person singular with third person singular.
It comes with a “mature content guideline” and every story is classified by the editor.
It also includes a very interesting foreword by Claudine D. Pepe from Just Jane 1813.

If you think what I did before reading- who cares about minor characters and assholes– you should read it and I promise you will be surprised to see that the stories are interesting and worth to read.

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23 thoughts on “Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes and Gentleman Rogues (Anthology) – REVIEW AND GIVEAWAYS

  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Mira! I’m so pleased you liked Miss Campbell. I have to admit, she’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written!


  2. Love that you took the leap outside the box and gave our devilish gentlemen a go, Mira. And hey, that was so cool when you took the picture of DTK visiting with you in Germany.

    Appreciate you hosting our tour and for your thoughtful review. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mira,

    Loved reading your thoughts on this wonderful collection of stories centred on Austen’s rakish gents!
    Even though you were expecting an Elizabeth centred collection,I applaud you for reading this book with an open mund and heart!


  4. Lovely review. I have this book and I’m looking forward to reading it. No Darcy and Elizabeth stories but such great authors so I’m sure that I will love it.


  5. Dare I admit out loud that I have a (small) soft spot for a good rake?… That feeling of there must be more to him, I guess so. This new book sounds so promissing & the prizes are amazing too. Please count me in, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m still reading this anthology and I have to say I was hooked from the start (thanks to Joana)! To suddenly be turned into liking a character you have not liked in past readings, i.e. Willoughby, and now feel sorry for him…what a dichotomy!

    I cannot possibly choose a favorite as I am still reading the book; however, “A Wicked Game” by Katie Oliver made me love the man! Darn it!

    “Willoughby’s Crossroads” by Joana Starnes made me want to go right through the pages and slap the you-know-what out of that mean Isobel! Poor guy he was set on the road to womanizing so quickly. Come here Mr. Willoughby, I’ll rub your brow for you!

    “Fitzwilliam’s Folly” by Beau North did me in when Cal and the Colonel were traveling to dance among the stars. How I loved that!! I’m afraid that is as far as I have gotten, ladies as I read as I can grab a few minutes here and there. But I KNOW i won’t be let down as these writers are a fabulous group! Thank you for this collection!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for telling us some of the stories that you enjoyed in this anthology. I look forward to reading all of their stories and learning more about these rakes, cads, scoundrels and rogues.


  8. Thank you for hosting this #RakesAndGentlemenRogues blog stop and supporting our anthology. The winner of the rafflecopter draw for all the books from the authors is Becky Cherrington. The winner for the blog tour comments (announced by a live draw on Facebook) for the Bingley’s Teas, assortment of notecards, postcards, and playing cards as well as the autographed Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle poster was dholcomb1 (Denise Holcomb). Congratulations! And thank you to all who supported “Dangerus to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues” blog tour. So appreciate!! You made it fun.


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