The Rainbow Promise review and giveaway!

51-UsSNihEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Lory Lilian’s The Rainbow Promise is the sequel to Rainy Days and is the first and probably the last after marriage story I’ve read. The last one, because it’s everything I wished and imagined a book with this theme should be. Considering Rainy Days is one of my favourite variations which made it to my top 10 list, I’m not surprised I loved it.

I was thinking about my favourite character and truly, I can’t pick one. I loved Becky (Gardiner), Mrs Bennet, Lady Matlock, Maud and maybe surprisingly Lady Beatrice. Now, she is an interesting character along with Lord Buxton. Their story could/should be another book. They are mentioned in Pemberley and in the epilogue very briefly, but the narrator mentions that Elizabeth noticed the change of subject. I hope Ms Lilian will write it as that thread of the action has a lot of potential. And if she writes it I hope we don’t have to wait ten years…

I also cannot pick a favourite dialogue, as they are all fantastic, but I’ll tell you Lizzy’s monologue to Miss Bingley is spot on! I was speechless just like Miss Bingley and everyone else in the room. My other favourite is Lady Beatrice and Lady Matlock’s dialogue at the Almack’s ball. Passionate, emotional, reserved: all in one. I have to say I didn’t like the colonel in the very beginning of the book, but luckily he ‘improved’.
The small stories like Thomas Fitzwilliam’s (Lord Buxton), Maud’s – or even Lewis de Bourgh’s who appeared for only a paragraph,- are very nice additions to the plot. Bingley and Jane’s first night as a married couple is funny, distressing and probable. Loved it. Little things such as Darcy and Lizzy talking about her courses; or Darcy saying something to Elizabeth at the Almack’s ball and all the high and mighty ladies think they know what Darcy said, makes the situation funny without Becky being there, who by the way, is the funniest person in the whole book. I can only laugh every time she shows up.
It was great that the author showed us what we already know about Darcy that he is “the best landlord, and the best master […] that ever lived.”

The only thing I didn’t expect is reading words like awestruck, spellbound and dumbstruck. When would Georgiana use dumbstruck? Not that it’s very perplexing, just queryable as the rest of the book is quite loyal to Jane Austen’s language.

There are two references which may not be intentional or only one of them is, but I cannot abstract. There is a lake scene (!!) but in another context which is pretty entertaining or rather absurd, the other one is when Lizzy gets a red velvet diary from Darcy. How can I/we not think about Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones?

This book is an absuloute treasure for Ms Lilian’s fans and those who loved Rainy Days.

I can offer two ebook copies for a giveaway. All you need to do is comment until Monday 6th June GMT 5pm (UK 6pm) Good luck!

The Rainbow Promise – Lory Lilian – amazon UK

The Rainbow Promise – Lory Lilian – amazon US


4 thoughts on “The Rainbow Promise review and giveaway!

  1. Sound really good! and the reference of the velvet diary and Mark Darcy is nice!!
    I need to reread Rainy Days and if I am lucky, after rereading, I will read The Rainbow Promise. By the way, I love the cover with tha rainbow rose 😀


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