Crying before the first chapter – Hope for Mr Darcy by Jeanna Ellsworth – review


Has any book made you cry before you started the first chapter? No? Me neither until Hope for Mr Darcy by Jeanna Ellsworth. What a book!

The message is fascinating and all wrapped in faith. Darcy, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Colonel Fitwilliam all hope…they give hope and get hope, just like the reader gets from the author who wrote the best dedication ever!! If Ms Ellsworth had written the dedication only and printed it in a blank book, I still would have bought the book.
So, the dedication says:
To all the beautiful, brave people who have ever sat alone at a restaurant reading a book about Mr. Darcy, and looked up and reminded themselves to never give up Hope for Mr. Darcy to enter their life.”
How amazing that an author is thinking about all the single ladies who are waiting for Mr Darcy, and not only thinking but also dedicating a book for them. I’m touched, speachless and..hopeful. Quite funny that I haven’t even started the first chapter and I was already weeping. No comment 😀

The characters are great and well-developed. I loved Charlotte who has a bigger part, the new character Avelina Gardiner, Lady Catherine and Anne, Mr Collins who is more than the original and deserves what he gets, Lydia who is silly but sensible when she needs to be, and Darcy and Elizabeth are simply wonderful. The interactions between Darcy and Elizabeth are very romantic and swoonworthy every time they are together. Well, there is one line which Mr Darcy repeats too many times: My love, my life. The love of my life. Repeating it so often is too cheesy for me, but I suppose that’s personal taste…

The only thing I don’t understand or it’s a bit perplexing that the language is not regency. Well, we can get over it, as the book is still great.
There is a love story (or stories? continuing in the next book?), also a detective story which mostly likely will reach it’s climax at the next part of the trilogy. Can’t wait to see where does Mr Collins’s story lead.

Yay, nearly forgot… there are shelves in Pemberley 😀

Hope for Mr Darcy is more than just a story or a simple Pride and Prejudice variation. It gives hope for the reader regardless her views on belief.

And finishing with Colonel Fitzwilliam’s philosophy: “Believe what you wish”


Hope for Mr Darcy – Jeanna Ellsworth – amazon UK

Hope for Mr Darcy – Jeanna Ellsworth – amazon US


One thought on “Crying before the first chapter – Hope for Mr Darcy by Jeanna Ellsworth – review

  1. What a lovely review. This is definitely a must read. Although if the story doesn’t end in this book I may have to wait until the others are published 😞


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