Heart-attack, sobbing and Magnum – Miss Darcy’s Companion by Joana Starnes – Review

Today’s review is about Miss Darcy’s Companion, written by Joana Starnes.

51oILfcShcL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_The first quarter of the book is light and idyllic. A simple scene where the characters are talking and doing ordinary stuff can be enjoyable without a twist every other page. We don’t need every action to become a dramatic scene especially when we can learn a lot about their days. Anyway, I WARN YOU!!! Don’t let the first six chapters fool you!!! No, no, no!! It wouldn’t be a Joana Starnes story if the whole book sounded like the first chapters.

I can count on one hand how many books gave me physical pain in my chest and made me sob uncontrollably… This was one of them. There will be a scene where something happens, but it’s not what you (well, I) expect. Beautiful or rather very clever and shocking is that it pulls the rug from under our feet, just like she did in The Unthinkable Triangle. After that scene I had to give up reading, walk to the shop and buy a double chocolate Magnum. It was not to be borne!

My favourite scene is the Christmas scene which is fascinating and thought through; and the Christmas presents are swoon-worthy. I won’t spoil it, but I’m sure you will want one too! Ms Starnes has found the present which – I believe- every Janeite needs and dreams about.

The characters:
Bingley is absolutely adorable. I’m in love with him in this book.
Colonel Fitzwilliam is himself and with that, I told you everything. No doubt, Ms Starnes understands the Colonel.
As much as I hate Wickham, he was a nice addition to the plot but luckily there was not too much emphasis on him. The author cuts him short, but his letter is classic (just as Caroline Bingley’s). While I read the book, I thought of him (without any mention in the story) twice. Funnily enough both times he showed up in the next chapter or at the end of the chapter. Wicked timing.
There are many new characters, who are well written and fresh. I think my favourites are Miss Bradden and Martha, one of the housemaids.

The language:
I’m always surprised that every time I read a Joana Starnes book, I learn dozens of new words. (Obviously, I’m not a native speaker.)

I definitely recommend Miss Darcy’s Companion, but make sure you have an ice cream or a box of chocolates with you!


17 thoughts on “Heart-attack, sobbing and Magnum – Miss Darcy’s Companion by Joana Starnes – Review

  1. Thanks ever so much, Mira, for the wonderful (and hilarious) review!! So sorry I drove you to the shop for a double chocolate Magnum and making you sob, that was very cruel. And OMG, no heart attacks, please!! I suppose I should start putting health warnings on my books. That or include chocolates, as a package deal.

    So glad you liked Bingley and the dear Colonel! After the strained relationship Darcy had with his cousin in ‘The Unthinkable Triangle’ it was nice to go back to the warm and supportive affection that we imagine they have. Lovely to hear you liked the Christmas presents too. Maybe I should go on a crash course on embroidery 😉

    Take care and have a lovely day!


    1. Hmmm. Perhaps Mira doesn’t MIND a reason for going to get ice cream!
      However, I think you should definitely start your new marketing trend of including chocolates with your books. Definitely a best-seller!

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  2. Oh dear. Now I really really must read this. I have already read the first chapters on Amazon and I’m not sure if I can wait to see if I am lucky enough to win a copy. I’m all prepared with a box of tissues and some chocolate but I will try and stick it out (although I can’t remember when the draw is!) I loved this review even though it made me even more desperate. Thank you 😊

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  3. Loved your review! Joana’s books are well worth any stress I might feel while reading them. :-). She’s one of my absolute favorite authors.

    Can’t wait to read this one!


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