It Started with a Kiss and That Girl, Darcy – reviews

In this review I recommend two books. The first one is It Started with a Kiss by Beth Wood and it’s a traditional (regency era) Pride and Prejudice variation, the other one is That Girl, Darcy was written by James Ramos and it’s a modern day variation with a twist.

26810222It Started with a Kiss is a short story by Beth Wood and I accidentally bumped into it in amazon. The title sounded interesting so I bought it and luckily it was surprisingly good. I enjoyed it very much from the first sentence to the last. The premise is unique and witty the story is beautiful. I liked it that there were no unspoken or misinterpreted words between Darcy and Elizabeth regarding the Wickham line. There are allusions to other Jane Austen novels like Mansfield Park or Sense and Sensibility. Sometimes the characters may remind us to Edward Ferrars or the Crawfords for example.
Lady Catherine’s solution to how to break up the engagement between Lizzy and Darcy is true to Her Ladyship’s thinking and brilliant.
Bingley’s proposal is horrible, but thanks God Jane is sensible…
I think this story is worth to read, I recommend it.

It Started with a Kiss – Beth Wood – amazon UK
It Started with a Kiss – Beth Wood – amazon US

27242522James Ramos’ novel, That Girl, Darcy starts with a cliché. I’m tired with the books which open with ‘It’s a truth universally acknowledge’ and I’m sure, if you write a book, you can think about a different opening. The american high school location is also a cliché, but fortunately the rest of the plot is not. Anyway, the book gets better and I liked it. Not only because it has a skateboard in it, but also because it’s a new, fresh and modern Pride and Prejudice variation.
There is a gender and money swap. Darcy is the name of the heroine and she has the money, the guy is called Elliot and he is in the middle-class. I think all the characters are likeable, btw, Lucas reminded me to Stifler from American Pie. He has the money and the place to organize parties and that’s why other characters hang out with him.
The story is written in first-person singular, from Elliot’s point of view. I always have reservations about first-person singular, but it was well written and I liked the hero with all his weirdness and nerdness/geekness. There are books, bookstore, skateboard, a play, writing, journalism, what else you need… As much I didn’t like the first sentence, the last two corrected it. It sounds like a Grey’s Anatomy or One Tree Hill monologue.
Just because the first part of the first sentence is a cliché, doesn’t mean the book is not good or enjoyable. Give it a shot.
I think I’ll start to skateboard again…
That Girl, Darcy – James Ramos – amazon UK
That Girl, Darcy – James Ramos – amazon US


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