The Glass Menagerie – Nottingham Playhouse

On Saturday I’ve been to Nottingham Playhouse to see Tennessee Williams’ autobiographical play, The Glass Menagerie starring Susannah Harker, Daniel Donskoy, Chris New and Amy Trigg.

First of all the play is well written and it made Tennessee W. famous.
Susannah Harker (as Amanda Wingfield) and Amy Trigg (as Laura Wingfield)

The characters speak with southern american accent and Susannah Harker does it absolutely well: with elegance, ease and fun. It was a delight to see and hear her especially because she was clearly sparkling in this role. She plays the mother (Amanda) who is obsessed to find a “gentleman caller” for her disabled daughter (Laura, played by Amy Trigg). (see: she does what Mrs Bennet did with her daughter…That’s why it’s fun to play. Once you are the girl who needs a husband, 20 years later you play a mum who wants to find a husband for her daughter :))
Susannah Harker (as Amanda Wingfield) and Chris New (as Tom Wingfield)

Amanda also has a son, Tom (played by Chris New) and she is persuading him to ask one of his friends to call on Laura, and also wants her son to succeed or as she says every 10 minutes, ‘rise and shine’. The gentleman caller is Jim
Daniel Donskoy as Jim O’Connor

O’Connor, played by Daniel Donskoy (very dashing gentleman btw :))

I think the show should move to WestEnd and Susannah Harker should get a Tony or Olivier Award for it.

It’s on until the 26th of March in Nottingham Playhouse.



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