“No one blames you”… Rocks in the Stream by Lewis Whelchel – review

may+8Rocks in the Stream by Lewis Whelchel is the book I mentioned in my previous review. I think this is the first JAFF book I read written by a man. I can say, he is doing very well. The only thing I didn’t like was the editing, but that’s not the author’s fault. The formatting is terrible, especially in the first 20-30 percent of the book.

The cover is beautiful, the title is catchy and clever.
The first sentence is the best I’ve read in a variation. It starts in medias res and sort of quoting Mrs Bennet from the original, but customized for the situation.

There’s a lot of angst and it’s heartbreaking to read when Jane has to deal with the problems and her thoughts.
The scene where Bingley and Jane met at the first time is well written, I can easily believe that they fell in love at the first sight.
The characters are a bit different than the original, but most of the time I liked the changes. For example Bingley is funny and teasing, Jane is a strong character, Mary is herself; however I’m not sure I liked the alteration in the two main characters. I see why Darcy and Lizzy act how they do, but I think Darcy said too much at first and he was too open. Well, the story required it, but I needed to get used to this new Darcy and Lizzy. I have a feeling that by the end of the story they were back and close to their original personalities. At the same time I like that Jane is almost the opposite what we know from the original; and back to Bingley’s character for a moment, I liked that fundamentally he was the same, but simultaneously a revised version of himself. You’ll see. 🙂

The book started too well as far as the plot is concerned and I was wondering a lot how can it go wrong. Well, when you think the author could finish it, the story will go wrong, don’t panic… And it’s absolutley heartbreaking. Again. If we had to see Jane in distress, Lizzy had to experience it too… As I see, there were a few scenes which are unnecessary.

Sometimes the story is so touching or overwhelming that you might feel physical pain to just read it. Ahh, yes, this was the story I read when I posted on fb that “When you are down and you read a book to chear you up, but the plot causes you further distress…”
“No one blames you” – says one of the main characters to another one, but honestly, even though it is fiction, and fictional characters, I do blame that “person”.

In the end there is a hilarious conversation between Mrs Bennet and Mr Darcy. Perfection.

Actually the cover and the title was enough for me to buy it, but I also read the description and the worst review on amazon which was a 2* and basically provided everything why I wanted to read it. Sometimes the worst critique can be the most helpful for a reader.

Rocks in the Stream – Lewis Whelchel – amazon UK

Rocks in the Stream – Lewis Whelchel – amazon US



One thought on ““No one blames you”… Rocks in the Stream by Lewis Whelchel – review

  1. I’ve chosen to read a book by the low star reviews, too. Sometimes what one doesn’t like, others adore. Some readers like their stories to stay very close to the original, and I say if they’re so fussy, stick with the original. The fun of JAFF is to explore what Austen didn’t write, or when the author understands her work so well to be able to take one or two small aspects and change them to create something new, different, and exciting. I get a thrill out of these books. Thanks for the review, Mira!


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