Pride and Prejudice and Zombies film review

PPZPride and Prejudice and Zombies is clearly a parody. A parody of zombie films and parody of Pride and Prejudice and it is hilarious. Absolutely loved it in spite of the fact that I thought there is nothing appealing or likeable in zombie films. I’m just not that into that sort of films, unless, it looks like, it has something to do with Jane Austen. So from the zombie side I have no clue if it was good or not, but from Pride and Prejudice side I have a few thoughts and opinion.
I start with the plot without spoilering. I beleive it has better screenplay than other original P&P versions have, and despite of the fact that it’s a bit shorter than most of the film adaptations, obviously there are tiny holes in the plot, like the lack of the affection between Bingley and Jane. I have to mention here that Matt Smith was great as Mr Collins, but I think his proposal was rought-and-ready. Well, it’s not his fault and telling the truth he made the most out of it. On the other hand I liked the Meryton assembly and the Netherfield ball scenes. I find it very clever that (the inspiration was probably the BBC version) they showed a lot of footwork from Mr Collins. He was trully scrumptious in the Netherfield ball.
At first, I found Mr Darcy’s first proposal boring, but at that very moment BOOM, something happened which was clever, crazy, funny, passionate and in this case appropriate.
I loved that used quotes and allusions from other Jane Austen books, like Northanger Abbey or Persuasion.
As I see it, Lily James was an amazing Elizabeth Bennet and I risk to say that better than most of the original Elizabeth Bennets. Her friend Charlotte Lucas was played by her War and Peace co-star Aisling Loftus. There were two Game of Thrones actors too, Lena Headley as Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Charles Dance as Mr Bennet. Jack Huston was a very dashing Mr Wickham. (Besides Matthew Goode he became my favourite Wickham.) By the way, if you are wondering from where you do know Mrs Bennet, I’ll tell you, she is Sally Phillips, and she is Bridget Jones’s best friend, Shazza.
Btw, the ending could suggest there will be a second part. If they can make it as good as this one is, I wouldn’t mind at all.
I’m afraid from now on, knives (attached to my legs) and swords will be part of my regency outfit, just in case any of the balls will turn out to be wild. Watch out Alton ball in June. 🙂
If you are open for interpretations, and you can get over the fact that it’s a mashup, you won’t be disappointed. I had no expectations when I went to the movie and it turned out to be a very good film and I laughed a lot. I think you just need to watch it for what it is and have a good laugh.

One thought on “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies film review

  1. I agree whole heartily with your summary. Watch it, enjoy, have a laugh, dont take it too seriously and you will be well entertained. I totally adored Matt Smith as Mr Collins. Initially my friend and I looked at each other and said, too good looking, but he had all Mr Collins eccentricities plus more!! “Have a scone” and enjoy.


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