Rabbit Hole (theatre) w/ Claire Skinner

9386-fitandcrop-495x330I have seen the Rabbit Hole last week at Hampstead Theatre. Directed by Edward Hall, starring Claire Skinner (Mrs. Dashwood from S&S). Alison Steadman was supposed to play her mum, be she dropped out before the rehearsal started and Penny Downie (Downton Abbey) replaced her. The husband was played by Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Selfridge).

The story in nutshell: a couple lost their 4 years old son in an accident, and they are trying to deal with it. Sorrow, grief, mourning. They are mourning in different ways which leads to some drama. Becca’s sister and mum are there to help, but it leads to more drama. It looks like I’m going to  plays which are heartbreaking.

The cast, the story, the set, everything was excellent. Claire Skinner’s Becca was superb! Above expectations. Very powerful performance. The full cast consists of 5 people and one of them is a freshly graduated RADA student, Sean Delaney. It was quite a debute… I have to admit. He was the cause of the accident and his nervous, my hands and voice is shaking portrayal was very convincing. I wish I could have seen Alison in the role of the mother, but now, I can’t imagine without Penny. What a great actress.

Rabbit Hole – Hampstead Theatre -booking (29 January – 5 March)

Hard core regency fans will understand if I say, there was a pineapple in the play 🙂

After the show I was lucky enough to meet Claire. Here we go:

claire skinner





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