The Mother -Gina McKee

Yesterday, I went to the theater (Tricycle Theatre in London) to see The Mother with Gina McKee (yes, yes Irene Forsyte from the Forsyte saga/Belle from Notting Hill). I’ve seen a lot of famous actors/actresses on stage, like Bradley Cooper, Romola Garai, Anna Maxwell Martin, etc. and until now I thought they were brilliant. And they trully were, but in this case I have no words for Gina McKee’s performance. She was absolutely stunning.
The play started as a comedy but it ended up in a drama. The writer: Florian Zeller – i’ve just googled him- is a French playwright and novelist, quite young as he is only 36, lives in Paris. He won a Moliére award for this play in 2011 and another one in 2014 for his work called The Father. As it was written in French and translated into English by Christopher Hampton, I don’t know how true the translation is compared to the original, but it was very good.
Gina played the title role, the mother and literally, she had to laugh in one minute and cry in the very next. It was like this through half of the performance. Emotional ups and downs in seconds. When she had to cry, she did it for real. Her eyes were red and full of teardrops without using an eye drop. As a simple earthborn I have no clue how can she do that every night, sometimes twice a day. Every single emotion was on her face and it didn’t seem acting. Extraordinary.
I think it had such an impact on me, because I haven’t seen a play where the character had so many lines to ‘act-out’ on their faces. I mean, when they say a line, they don’t necesseraly have to play it, most of the times it’s enough to say it with a special intonation, but here, every word in the sentence was crying for playing it. I hope I’ll have a chance to see her again on stage.
Absolutely MUST SEE!!

The Mother – Tricycle Theatre, London- from 21. Jan to 5. March

When I wandered around the theatre, I’ve seen that The Father will be on from May starring Claire Skinner. She will play in Hampstead Theatre from the end of Jan or the beginning of Feb. I know it because I have a ticket for the Rabbit Hole. Alison Steadman was also supposed to play in it, but dropped out. 😦 So my next theatre post will be about the Rabbit Hole.

**I was thinking that I always write good things about books, plays, etc. You might think I get money for it, but I honestly don’t. I just simply don’t write about a book or a performance if I don’t like it. Believe me, it happens. I hate saying or writing unkind things, so you see, I would be a terrible critic 😀 and I’m not that popular and good at writing reviews that someone would ask me to do it.**


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