The+Seagull+chichester+Festival+theatre+review+Anna+ChancellorThe play I’ve seen this time is The Seagull in Chichester Festival Theatre. I went on Saturday (24th Oct), the performance started at 14.30. By now you know I pick a play by the actress/actor. Some of them has an up to date twitter account, and that’s how I found about this particular play, thanks to Lucy Briers. I went straight to the page to book a ticket, where I found out that not only Lucy is in the play, but also Anna Chancellor (P&P), Adrian Lukis (P&P) and Samuel West (Persuasion). What an incredible luck, however my luck hasn’t finished here yet! So, Lucy would have been more than enough to buy a ticket but with all of them in it…yay! Annoyingly the next weekend I went to Stockholm, so I had to postpone it for the weekend after… (btw, Stockholm is amazing, and The Abba Museum is 5*). I went from Cambridge, which is 3,5 hours train ride to Chichester each way. Absolutely, totally worth it!     The theatre is pretty big, the legroom was small, but the seats were soft. The set was very creative, beautiful and snappy. There was a ‘lake’, I hope the water was thermal and Olivia Vinall (Nina) didn’t catch a cold as she was in it quite a lot. The costumes were amazing, it was fancy when it was supposed to be, it was simple when the character required it and the dresses complemented each other. Adrian looked good in the white suite 🙂

Hopefully, by now you are aware that it’s not a review, more like a Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen freak’s thoughts.

I have to say i needed this sort of play as an air after that avantgard Shakespeare adaptation from a few weeks ago.

Lucy Briers played Polina and she was great! In the beginning she had a dialog with Evgeny Dorn, the doctor, who was played by Adrian Lukis, and I was meditating how surreal that I’m thinking about P&P at this point. That ‘Wickham’ and ‘Mary Bennet’ have a conversation. 😀 But when I got over it; who joined to the duo? Yesssss, ‘Caroline Bingley’: Anna Chancellor who played Irina Arkadina. I’m not sure I could find words in my mother tongue, so I’m not trying to attempt to find an English word. She definitely “possess a certain something in her air, in her manner of walking, in the tone of her voice, her address and expressions.” Bloody marvelous! I couldn’t get over the fact that the three of them are in the same scene; then boom, Mr. Elliot from Persuasion has arrived or in the play Boris Trigorin played by Samuel West. 😉

I wasn’t sure I can meet the actors after the show, but thanks Heaven I’ve managed. All of them were friendly, helpful, willing and happy to pose with me for a couple of hundered 😛 pictures. They signed my official BBC P&P edition, so I’m over the moon.

1.AnnaChancellor Lucy SamWest2.Adrian

If you can, pray, go and watch it. I’m going to repeat myself, but it’s soooo good to see all these actors/actresses on stage!!

More info and tickets are here


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