What a pleasure… ‘An Unwavering Trust’ by L. L. Diamond – Review

kindle-aUTWhat a pleasure it is to read a book, when the author understands Darcy, and I have to say, Leslie L. Diamond does. I admit when I got to the part in the begining, where Mr Gardiner is —SPOILER— an evil, I nearly gave it up. Why Mr Gardiner??? Poor man… I’ve never read a book where he was other than amiable, kind, loving, devoted, etc. But this twist also helped to keep on reading as I was hoping it will be explained later. Actually this ‘Gardiner story ‘was well written: it was reasoned and satisfying. At the same time it was good to read more about the other uncle, uncle Philips. I try not to give a lot of spoilers, but don’t be upset that the other Bennets are not really there from the beginning of the book: I promise you the book is good, just don’t give it up because you have premisses.

Lizzy and Darcy were simply great. I loved everything about them. I loved that the trust was unwavering indeed. There are many new characters. My personal favourite is Grandmamma, Darcy’s grandmother. She is an amazing woman very well written character. She and Lady and Lord Matlock helped me to get over the disappointment in Mr Gardiner’s character. First I thought I’ll need a few weeks to forgive to the author, but these wonderful characters made me forget my disillusionment. The grandmother has a major role in the book and you can’t read enough.
Let me share my two favourite scenes without too much spoiler. One of it is when Elizabeth is talking about losing her betrothed. Very touching scene. The other one is related to Lady Catherine de Bourgh. She is horrid or let’s say herself most of the time, but here is one particular scene, where I like her. And you’ll like her too, or at least have a little compassion on her. I have also found my favourite name in this book: Jonas Preston de Bourgh. Sounds great! If I ever have a son I will name him Jonas Preston instead of Colin Fitzwilliam as I planned.

A couple of years ago my literature thesis was about intertextuality in Anne of Green Gables. Originally I wanted to write a thesis about Pride and Prejudice, but it is/was a well reseached topic, so many people wrote thesis’ and books all over the world, so it’s hard to say something new. Although at that time I didn’t know about these variations. This book would be perfect to write about. Maybe I should do a PhD in literature and write about it in a thesis. Here is my favourite sentence from the book (chapter 3): ‘She might have found him disagreeable at first sight, had she not been introduced as they had. Who knew a gentleman of means and education could be uncomfortable- even shy- with strangers?’ This sentence is the paragon of intertextuality, metatextuality and hypertextuality. I could literary write a whole book about it.

The book is everything, touching, full of emotions, funny, sentimental, whatever you need, wish or hope.

An Unwavering Trust – L. L. Diamond – Amazon UK Kindle

An Unwavering Trust – L. L. Diamond – Amazon US Kindle


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