What a play, what a cast – Round and Round the Garden

On Saturday evening I’ve watched Round and Round the Garden at The Mill at Sonning Theatre. It is a theatre, where you have a lunch (matinee performance) or dinner (evening performance) before the play. This was my first visit -I’m sure not the last- and I have to admit I felt a bit uneasy because of this restaurant experience, but it was over after the meal. By the way, Sonning is a very charming village, go for a walk along the river and the centre if you are there.


About the production and the cast I can only talk in superlatives. The set is very colorful, totally feels like you are in a real garden, the costumes are also brightful and the lighting was perfect. The dialoges were so funny, so true, so real. We laughed a lot, basically through the whole show and my smile reached my eyes…


The cast was wonderful! Not a secret, I watched it because of Susannah Harker – yes, I always pick plays by the actor or actress, not by the writer, director or whoever – (unless it’s a musical, in that case my pick is a Tim Rice production) – but when I left the theatre, I was thinking that now I’ll have to see another show were Nelly Harker, Sarah Edwardson, Harry Gostelow and Chris Porter will be casted. Back to Susannah: I thought she’s gonna be Jane Bennet forever. Well…she is… but I wanted to see her on stage, because as I see it, she could play a totally different character in another film, it won’t overwrite her most successful portrait unless I see her on stage. It was refreshing to see her playing an ‘I know everything’, ‘I can fix everything’, ‘I know best’ sort of character.

I have to confess, I was a total wierdo. I had my Mr Collins moment, very awkward. We met after the show and I was sooooo excited. Considering I’ve already met her and talked to her a month ago, it was more awkward than normally. Poor her and bless her!! I just hope she got used to this sort of emotion explosion from fans. I’ve been shaking for at least 8 minutes and could hardly utter a word. In spite of the fact that she was exhausted after two performances (same day), I still haven’t scared her with my weirdness, she invited us (I was there with a friend) for a drink. Yes, I nearly picked myself up from the shock that I met her again and BOOM, new shock…she bought us a drink and chatted with us for almost an hour. Hopefully next time I’m gonna be much more prepared.

Round and Round the Garden – Tickets


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