“Surreal but nice”… Measure for Measure, theatre – Romola Garai

I would like to nail down, it is not a review mostly because this is the first time I’m writing about a theatre production and also because I’m not a professional. Let’s say, it’s more like an observation or more likely an opinion of Measure for Measure by Shakespeare starring Romola Garai. It is on untill the 14th of November at the Young Vic in London. Tickets are still available.

I’ve bought the ticket in February straight away when I got an email from the theatre, that Romola will play Isabella. Honestly, I didn’t care what is the play about, I knew one thing, I want to see Romola on stage. I had a ticket for 3rd of October evening; they started to play on the 1st of Oct.

As soon as I’ve seen the set, I realized it’s going to be a postmodern adaptation. Is very simple but gives pretty cool oppurtinities to play with.
Before the rise of the curtain we heard some electric/techno theme, exactly the sort of music I don’t like. Luckily later they played an Alanis Morissette track, which was my cup of tea. Untill that scene where they played it, didn’t make any sense why is a girl laying on the stage in strange poses with an iPhone on her ear, but don’t go too far. The opening scene was at a borthel, with the actors imitating sex with at least 80 inflatable blown up men and women. I have to say, it was more ridiculous then artistic. Especially when they prepared the set for the next act, the actors simply threw all the dolls into the background, then the wall closed.
We saw Claudio talking to a hand-held camera backstage, but it was projected on the screen (the wall which seperated the two main locations.) This hand-held camera was used for many times during the performance. Several actors/actresses were talking into it; sometimes other fellow actor held it, sometimes a member of the crew.

I have to say, normally I’m not into this sort of postmodern productions, especially, when it is Shakespeare, but this adaptation was very good with all its wierdness. All the actors and actresses were very good, and they played together in harmony.

Romola was just amazing in the role! Well, she can play Jane Austen, so no question she can play Shakespeare too. You must see her! I was also able to meet her after the show. Haha, my hands were shaking so hard, I couldn’t hold my phone 😀 She is awesome, btw, if you had any doubt. Can’t believe I was the only one who wanted to talk to her…



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