10 days in Heaven: “I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.”

After 10 days in Bath at the Jane Austen Festival back to reality, new city, new job.

The plan was that I write a blog post every day when I’m in Bath. Of course it was impossible as way too much fun was around. I hardly had time to post some pictures on fb. Last week was a truly scrumptious holiday. So many wonderful people gathering in one of the most beautiful cities, in breathtaking costumes.

Before I start, I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO SOPHIE aka Laughing with Lizzy, who persuaded me to stay with her AND JOANA, for the whole week! The three of us stayed together at Great Pultney street, just a stone’s throw away from the city centre.IMG_6850

We arrived on 11th Friday, so the first event we did was the ‘pre-festival get together’ where we found new friends. I have to mention here that I just told Joana at the gathering, that I’m not the sort of person who goes to people and chats easily, but thank’s God I made an exception and went to a girl, called Sam.IMG_6826 I remembered I’ve seen her somewhere and it turned out that indeed I met her, at Alton during the Regency Week in June. We had a lovely chat (we are still in contact) and the next day we walked on the promenade together.

On Saturday we started with the promenade which was as grand as last year, then we went to the Guildhall Fayre where I had my full length silouette done. After we headed to dance workshop to prepare for the evening ball. We chose the Farthingale Ball (not the official Festival ball) and it was amazing!! So much fun! Lots of dances, and I have to say, it went much better that the practice at the workshop. I had my Lydia Bennet moment as I danced every dance.

On Sunday, thanks to Emma, we had a picnic in front of the Royal Crescent. How fun it was to dance in the lawn in front of that magical building…


We also played rounders and all my buttons popped off (all of them!! Shocking!). Luckily, thanks to Emma, who is an accomplished lady, I wasn’t left in shame. She fixed my dress with the help of some safety pins and my shawl. (Keep in mind, if you wear regency dress, take a safety pin with you! Girls best friend, as Emma told me).IMG_6893

At the beginning of the festival I had no job, so I was on a budget cut, which meant I didn’t buy as many tickets as I wanted, so I missed the Music and matchmaking- music recital, what i regret… On Monday we had another dancing workshop and in the evening we had guests and had a great fun. I don’t know if you ever played Marrying Mr. Darcy the card game, but you definitely should. I ended up being Mary Bennet who is an old maid becoming the governess to a wealthy family. Except the name, it was true, so it’s official. 🙂

On Tuesday I’ve been at a talk, called Know your phaeton from your curricle by Hazel Mills. (Lovely lady, the founder of The Jane Austen Cambridge Society) Very informative and well edited talk. Then Joana (the chaperone and coachman), Christin and myself went to Lacock aka Meryton. As it is ‘legal’ this week, we dressed up and took millions of pictures in front of the Red Lion, the bonnet shop, the church, the Abbey and the beautiful houses. 11046796_435769403279434_792100799809196707_n 12002834_435769383279436_5091856866416665364_n

On Wednesday there was a talk: Whatever shall I wear. The lady went through the lady’s wardrobe20150916_150823 properly but unfortunately she hasn’t done the same with the men’s wardrobe, however I learnt that they had no underwear. The Tshirt was very long so it functioned as an underwear as well.

After that there was a film presentation about an upcoming Jane Austen movie. Hopefully I’ll be an extra in it. Aye, popped into Mr Darcy IMG_6999

Thursday I had a job interview in Cambridge and although I rushed back to Bath to catch the High Tea for Literacy event which was the announcement about Sophie Andrews as an ambassador for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, I couldn’t make it, only the last 30-40 minutes. Well, I won some fantastic prizes at the raffle ticket 🙂

Friday I’ve visited my friends in Somerset. They have an amazing Jane Austenesque house. As Joana said this is a sort of a house you pay to visit. Trully amazing with woods, walled garden and everything you need. Finished the evening watching BBC Pride and Prejudice. (Christin! I won’t forgive you falling asleep!!!)

On Saturday I went to The Regency Soiree – musical presentation, where a lady played on several harps and had a presentation about the regency soiree. 20150919_153542

On Sunday we had a mini promenade, when we walked from the Cathedral to Sydney Gardens.

12002428_10206077086179324_6435743229021229004_o 12010640_10206077096059571_7136455414917949584_o 12031595_10206590027381283_8101232316392170566_oIMG_7155

After that we had a little picnic and sadly it was time to say goodbye. Hopefully it won’t take too long to meet all of these fantastic people again.

Thanks a million for everyone! My best holiday ever! It was magical to live in that world for 10 days.

The title was a quote form PP, let the ending be a quote from there too. And as much I hate Wickham, I quote him from the ’95 version:

‘Let us say not farewell, but as the French have it: Au revoir!’


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