Brilliant letters! Yours forevermore… -Review

YFD_front-cover_500x750“Miss Bennet,

That is enough, madam!

Elizabeth frowned but, sitting back, read on.

Is it not enough that you haunt my dreams? Must you now stay under the same roof? I have just received news from Bingley that you are to stay to nurse your sister. Please be assured that I hope for her full recovery despite my ill temper. When you arrived this morning, your eyes bright and your face flushed from the exercise, I was nearly undone! It would not do to take you into my arms at that moment and kiss that rosy cheek.”

When I’ve seen Yours forevermore, Mr Darcy has been published, I had to buy it straigth away as I knew with this title the book must be great, especially because the writer KaraLynne Mackrory wrote the unique, witty, emotional, heartbreaking, smart Haunting Mr Darcy. Who needs more recommendation…

The novel starts with a prologue, 2 months after the first proposal and the first chapter starts the day after the proposal. I have to admit, I’m a bit bored that most of the variations start at Hunsford, but in this case it’s not a problem at all, because the author avoids the clichés, such as writing about the things we already (supposed to) know or quoting too much from the original. Luckly she was able to avoid the common error, that especially in the beginning of the book, authors are tend to copy the Hunsford scene into their book. She just mentions Wickham’s letter for example, but we can’t see Elizabeth reading it, although we can see what’s in her mind with KaraLynne Mackrory’s own words.
Normally, I’m sick of Wickham and I can just hope that it is as much pain for the authors to write about him as it is for me to read about him. Ms Mackrory’s Wickham is not significant and actually I like the fate he has as it is different from any other I’ve read. He gets what he deserves and not in the common way: most of the writers send him to India or America. In spite of this, I still think she could have missed the Wickham-line especially that Lydia still enlopes but with another man.

KaraLynne plays with intertextuality as she uses lines from Pride and Prejudice but gives it to another character. For instance she puts Lady Catherine’s line in Darcy’s mouth or the Colonel says Darcy’s line. Georgiana, Mr Darcy and the Colonel read Sense and Sensibility what is a cliché but considering this is the only one, I can easily get over it because I would say the plot and the book is unique.

Finally, what I loved the most were Darcy’s letters. They are brilliant!!! The only problem is I expect 12, long letters but unfortunately Ms KaraLynne cut it short and she wrote only a few. But telling the truth, those are masterpieces.

Ms Mackrory, please put aside everything -I’ll take care of your kids and clean the house- and write an epistolary JAFF novel.

Yours Forevermore, Darcy – KaraLynne Mackrory -amazon UK

Yours forevermore, Darcy – KaraLynne Mackrory – amazon USA


2 thoughts on “Brilliant letters! Yours forevermore… -Review

  1. Thank you for posting your fair and honest review. Excited you liked it so much! I too thought Darcy’s letters were swoon-worthy.


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